2017 Yoga

Therapy  Summit 

Women's Panel Discussion

Yoga Therapy from a Woman's Perspective

Saturday Afternoon, Session 2

Join Clare Collins, Kate Holcombe, and Sonia Nelson as they discuss Yoga Therapy from a Woman's Perspective. These three women have each experienced yoga therapy themselves, have taught yoga therapy to others, and know the evolution of yoga and yoga therapy.

A fundamental concept in ancient yoga texts is that of change (parinama) and the suffering associated with change (parinama dukkha).  In this panel, we will explore yoga therapy perspectives about change and transition in women’s lives.  Sonia Nelson will begin the panel with a discussion of models from the Veda, the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita with the potential to help us understand the role of context and change in women’s lives, the consequences of change, and yoga strategies during life transitions.  Kate Holcombe will focus on changes in role and self-image in the early adult years.   Clare Collins will discuss the challenges and opportunities of physical, emotional and spiritual change for women at mid-life and beyond.  A question and answer period will be included.

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