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Cultivating Resilience As We Age: Yoga Therapy Perspectives

​​Saturday Morning, Session 1 & Sunday Morning, Session 3

Is it possible to live with joy and meaning in the midst of the inevitable challenges that occur in later life? Resilience, the vital capacity to adapt successfully to adversity and change, can be cultivated within individuals who are "rich in years" through appropriate yoga therapy strategies.

In this presentation, we will apply perspectives from ancient and contemporary science to understand age-associated changes in the physical body, energy and vitality, cognition and emotions. We will explore yoga therapy strategies to promote resilience on each level through lecture, media, and experiential yoga practices.​

​Women's Panel Discussion: Yoga Therapy from a Woman's Perspective

Saturday Afternoon, Session 2

Join Clare Collins, Kate Holcombe, and Sonia Nelson as they discuss Yoga Therapy from a Woman's Perspective. These three women have each experienced yoga therapy themselves, have taught yoga therapy to others, and know the evolution of yoga and yoga therapy.

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Clare Collins


2017 Yoga

Therapy  Summit