2017 Yoga

Therapy  Summit 

We are dedicated to bringing the health and wellness benefits of yoga to underserved and at-risk populations.


We are honored to recognize our extraordinary sponsors and exhibitors!

At Charak, we balance the age-old principles of Ayurveda with Innovative scientific research to bring you Innoveda, our range of herbal blends with standardized extracts to promote various wellness conditions.


Surya Chandra Yoga Sanga is honored to recognize our extraordinary exhibitors! ​

Bo Yoga® exists to make mindful movement accessible to all people. Using a revolutionary new prop called the Balance Bar, Bo Yoga® helps you feel safe, supported, and successful in any yoga class. 


Trailhead is your guide to holistic healing, helping us understand why, when and how to integrate holistic therapies into existing healthcare, creating more balanced and healthier lives.


Our Exhibitors

Nataraj Books, Inc.


We have more than great cooking fats and spices. We have a variety of grocery items, kitchen accessories, as well as lovely gift sets for friends and family.


Made As Intended is a spiritual company whose mission is to create intentional products that inspire a shift in perspective into gratitude and consciousness, because changing ourselves changes the world.


At Yoga by Degrees we aim to please. We’ve got the look of a top-notch spa, but the authenticity and feel of a blissful yoga haven. Here, you can satisfy both body and mind with a workout that tones and strengthens both.


YOGAChicago is a bi-monthly free resource guide for yoga activities. Our goal is to provide a forum to share information related to yoga and spirituality.


Every yoga practice must have purpose, order and meaning


Ancient Insights. Modern Healing.

The American Viniyoga™ Institute is an organization of yoga practitioners and professionals sharing core values, guided by the spirit of Viniyoga and dedicated to offering quality experiential, education and professional training opportunities in the fields of health and fitness, therapy and self care, and personal transformation.  


At Yoga Well Institute we are committed to providing practical teachings and methods to help you live a purposeful & satisfying life. We believe our holistic approach creates sustainable transformation in anyone who’s committed to the process.


Ayurvedic Therapy Resources



Whole Life Whole Yoga is for yoga practitioners and instructors to learn and grow together in the area of accessible and adaptive yoga, and bring yoga to people with disability who otherwise do not have easy access to regular yoga practice.